Duxbury Election 2009 – Change, but for the better?

Today I learned that slogans can be powerful – and empty.

Local politics is a strange animal.   Today, about 3000 people voted in Duxbury and the 12-year incumbent Selectman was defeated by a 24 vote margin.  Beyond the obvious fact that individual votes do really count at the local level,  lies a more subtle reality that a motivated, but narrow interest group can have a major impact.

So now in 2009, Duxbury will deal with the consequences of a newly galvanized constituency “barging in” on what was heretofore a cozy and collegial political process.  It seems that a majority formed around the idea that this comfortable and stable government wasn’t getting the job done to their satisfaction.  It’s truly unfortunate that Duxbury’s current longest-serving elected offical had to suffer the brunt of the voter’s angst.

“It’s time for a change” was the slogan that carried the day.  We all know the undeniable  truth – that change happens from within.   When an outside force is injected, does that mean change is really happening from within?

Change is traumatic.  …Alas, trauma is not conducive to constructive growth.

Let’s hope that the newest member of Duxbury’s Board of Selectmen can play on the team and execute a constructive way forward for our town in this difficult time.  With only three selectmen at the helm, every move made reverberates strongly.

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