The Demise of Home

Last weekend as a matter of circumstance which is not relevant to this post, I attended a fundraising event that involved raffles and door prices.  I purchased a few tickets to do my part, and tossed them into the kitty for various and sundry donations on offer, such as spa treatments, artwork, victuals, and the like.  I had a good time, but alas, in the event, my name wasn’t called.  The protocol in this case was to write your phone number on the back of the raffle ticket so that you could be contacted in case your number came up.

Lo and behold, here on Friday night almost a week later, I received a phone call out of the blue from a nice gal who informed that I had in fact won!  This got me to thinking about the fact that I put my home phone number on the ticket, not my cell phone.  I did this because I usually don’t answer my cell phone, and because I figured that if the house number was called, odds are that either I or my dear wife would be home.

This got me to thinking about the landline debate.  Have you cancelled your “Land Line” into your house, even if it is now an ipPhone service from the cable company?

Personal cell phones are just that – personal.  The cell phone embodies the isolated, disconnected, egocentric loner society that America is becoming.  A society is formed by the social interactions of the members.  If the members only interact via asynchronous text messages sent to each other on their own volition – there is no society,  only an attenuated, diminished exchange of tenuously connected fragmentary thoughts.  We don’t even realize how impoverished we are – because we didn’t know that it was supposed to be different, and much richer.

Do you have a home phone?

If you have cancelled your home phone – how do your kids call home?


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